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A'pieu is a brand that comes from the house ABLE C&C, even though this may not ring a bell if you are into korean skin care and beauty, you surely must have heard of another brand that this house produces which is MISSHA, so A'pieu is like MISSHA's little trendy, cool sister and even though they come from the same house, the vibe that each brand gives is totally unique.

One of the most important parameters for A'pieu when it comes to creating a new skin care product is considering that it must be able to work in every kind of skin, which could sound basic, but it's actually really important, this means that all of their products are made for sensitive skin and can also be used for other types of skin; this a great news for people who suffer from acne, rosacea or some other skin condition, and of course if you have none of the before mentioned conditions, then by wearing any of their products you have the certainty that your skin will not react poorly to it, since it is formulated for the most delicate types of skin, which is a huge relief.

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