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Banila CO is a brand that focuses on the best of skin care but keeping it super real, taking care of your skin after you experiment with whatever kind of bold makeup you feel like having that day; they are not interested in the 10 steps skin care beauty routine since they find it unrealistic to achieve it every day, their approach to beauty is fresh simple an effective.

They make streamlined, adaptable skin care for all skin types, textures and tones and that's it, no rituals and nothing too extra, just the best ingredients you want and that's it. But make no mistake, this doesn't mean they take the making of their products lightly, a prove of this is their award-winning Clean It Zero for example, it’s the original cult classic cleansing balm and it was designed to worship skin and, as they say, make it the happiest it’s ever been. And they must be right about it since a brand-new bottle of the Clean it Zero is bought every 3.1 seconds by beauty insiders around the globe.

The success of this product is just beyond believe! They believe that gorgeous skin is the first step to a flawlessly fierce face, and that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your complexion for your makeup obsession; this proves to be a great balance between health and fun, they are trend setters and innovators and have no fear on experiencing with new interesting ideas for ingredients and keep evolving, learning and creating as they go without losing their cool vibe.

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