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Purito is one of those great brands that, even if they are not that famous yet, we surely know they are becoming huge around the world and will keep doing so, Purito is the perfect balance between nature and science, they focus on keeping their products as natural as possible, their motto is 'Back to basis', and they created a beautiful comparison between trees and their brand: 'Just like a healthy root grows a healthy tree, health is the root of glowing skin'. This really lets you know the true nature of the brand and what they stand for in a very poetic way.

The name is a game of words, purify + 'to' which comes from a Chinese character meaning 'soil', which goes with their concept of making sure they take natural products from the soil to purify your skin. The difference of Purito is their philosophy, they believe dramatic short-term results are exciting, but they don’t last and what they are really aiming for with their products is having results that will give you the chance to enjoy healthy skin for your whole life!

PURITO is cruelty-free.

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